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my wish for today...

I wish my friend Jeffrey would write in his live journal! i miss him. :(

blah.i want to be home.

So its Saturday night, I'm not going out, I'm not hanging out with anyone. I've decided, all I need right now is me.  Tonight feels like a good night to watch Marley and Me its just one of those nights, you know?

School is going good, I was able to drop a lab class I didn't need to take! I'm pretty excited about that! Now on Mondays, I can fill my life with something more entertaining then a lab class for three hours.

I'm really missing home right now, I'm missing my family, I'm missing all who I met over break.  I never was able to appreciate Olympia as much as I do now.  I'm looking for the next opportunity to go back home.  I know I need to grow up, to be independant, and take risks and have new adventures; I just don't think I gave home too much of a chance to impress me.  I mean I love it down here, don't get me wrong, I love the weather, the amazing people I've met, and all of the exciting new things I get to do more often then I would have been able to do if I were in Olympia, such as making weekend trips to SF, or a day trip to Disneyland, or the closest mountain to snowboard at being Tahoe.  I love all of those things.  But being here I'm missing out on who I am really about.  I'm one of the most family oriented persons you'll ever meet.  I mean sure, I hung out with friends over my month long break at home, but as much as possible I was hanging out with the people who meant the most to me, my family.  I'm about to miss out on one of the biggest things to happen in our family soon.  My Uncle Cody, the one guy who said he would never get married, is married and expecting a baby girl.  And sure, it's my uncle, but its not a typical uncle who you only get to see on the holidays or at football parties, this uncle of mine is more like an older brother.  He grew up in my house, and I'm going to miss the day that he see's his daughter for the first time, I'm going to miss him eyes lighting up when he holds his princess.  I've missed so much being down here.  I feel like I really have grown up being on my own and having my own responsiblities but it has made me appreciate my family and my home so much more.  Nothing can beat home. 

With all that said, I could be moving home this summer.  I'll be home for the summer but I might be staying.  The California school budget cuts are ridiculous right now, they're only allowing transfers for fall quarter.  So, if I don't get into SF State or Fresno State for the fall, I'd have to wait until the following fall to go to school.  I'm over it, I want to start a career, I want to have a family and be settled.  Then if that happens and I don't get accepted to one of those schools, my next choice is to move home and finish school. Either at St Martins or CWU.  

Wow, so much is up in the air right now.  I just wish I had no worries, that everything was set and planned.   

Sunday night...

What a weekend. 

Friday, I was able to reconnect with one of my best friends from high school when she did my hair.  The next thing I knew we were making plans to go out that night. Later that day I ended up going to casino with the family and losing my money. I am definately not good at betting.  When I got back into town my friend Nicole came over and we headed downtown to a friends birthday party.  I didn't mind being at the party because I knew most of the people there, or enough to feel comfortable but my friend just felt kind of awkward so we left a little later and headed down to Charlies.  When we walked up to Charlies there was a line of about 75 people.  I told her that we were going to have to wait forever in that line to get in.  As we were standing at the back of the line and literally a minute after standing there the owner of Charlies came outside and to everyone in line, "the next person to come up to me with an out of state id gets to the front of the line" so I went running, holding out my California license [haha] So basically Nicole and I jumped in front of a line of 75+.  We stayed there for a while, ran into more friends of ours Lacey and Jessica.  We hung out awhile, I observed.  At the end of the night my friend Jeff and his friend Jake came to pick us up.  I guess as we were being driven home he apparently did not care for my friend.  We stopped at QFC to use the restroom and buy some more drinks...we came back outside and our ride was gone.  I thought it was the most pathetic thing ever, a 27 year old boy, leaving girls in the middle of the night alone. I dont know any guy other than him that would do that.  I was in disbelief.  I didnt know what to do, I didn't know whether to call a cab, call a friend, call my brother.  So, I called a cab, they told me itd be 45 minutes so I hung up.  I then 411ed O'Blarneys, I asked for my brother, he got on the phone and told me that I was calling too early because they weren't closed yet. So, while we waited and sobered up enough to figure out what we were going to do next we bought a bag of chips and dip, ate them in the deli, and made friends with the workers at QFC.  Finally, a friend of mine came to pick me up and a friend of Nicole's came to pick her up.

Saturday, I woke up decently early, I was quite hungover, but knew I was going to be with family and family friends all day so I knew I had to act sober.  Around 11 a bunch of people came over to our house so we could all carpool down to a babyshower in Longview.  Driving down there I was sitting in the very back of the Tahoe, in the third row.  Only because I'm the youngest, and to me thats the rule, the youngest gets the worst seat, so I sat back there all alone.  I sprawled myself out sideways, and found out that staring out the window watching the trees as we pass by them hungover was not such a great idea.  I started getting nauseaus, but the time we got off the exit, I needed some disgusting food to soak up whatever was in my stomach, so we stopped at Burger King.  First greasy fast-food chicken sandwich I have had in a loooong time.  However, at the time it was delicious.  After lunch we went up the house for the babyshower, the house was beautiful, I'm the kind of person though that instead of soaking up the babyshower I look at the home, and dream about the one I'll have someday.  The kitchen, is my dream kitchen! The best kitchen for baking, so much counter top room. [kay, sorry for the side track] Anyways, the babyshower was simple but nice, no games, just gifts, cupcakes, and coffee [yuck] Being in a crazy, close-knit family like mine, it's interesting to see how other families interact, and it makes me so grateful for the family that I am in.  So, on the way home, I slept most the way.  When I got back I dont remember much of what I did.  Oh, yeah, got home, Dad had been drinking.  Which was quite entertaining, he doesn't drink much, so while the girls were gone for the day he watched the football games and had some beers.  Then we went out to dinner with my uncle and his wife to delicious Happy T.  Came home, made Rice Krispy Treats since I promised to make cookies for Ben and Jeff at OB's, I know they weren't cookies, oh well.  I then bugged Jeff, my only friend on this live journal thing, and the only one that will read this.  But oh well again, I'm going to keep writing this like a million people come to my journal to learn everything about me.  Anyways, I had him come to OB's with me to hang out for a bit, we got there and didn't stay long.  We ended up watching a movie, he seemed like the movie lasted forever! It was quite good though.  That was my Saturday night.

Sunday, got home from watching the movie around 2:30 A.M and went straight to bed.  Woke up this morning and had to be at church at 10.  Very good service by the way.  It was on the the book of Revelations, that book always scares me.  Makes me second guess myself.  After church we left straight to Puyallup to visit more family.  We started by going to my cousin and her husbands brand new home theyre having built.  We got to see their kids. [the cutest kids in the world, ages 4, 2, and 1]  After a bit my aunt, her husband, and their son showed up.  We went to Red Robin for lunch, got the usual, hung out at the kids table. [by choice] Ended up going to Sumner to look around at antique and kitchen stores with mom while dad went to car dealerships to browse for his new truck.  Then trekked home.  Haven't done much since I've been home, my uncle cody and his wife came over to visit for a little while.  Now, I'm just relaxing.

This weekend was sure busy, it had its ups and its downs, but I'm really going to miss weekends like this when I leave in only a few days. 

rain, rain go away!!

So today was funfilled I suppose. 

Woke up. Worked out. Went to my aunts ultrasound [so weird cody is married, and trish is my aunt] Went to my cousins to see her kids. Went to South Center. Drove home through a lake.

I can't believe how much rain is being dumped right now.  I know I live in the great northwest where the rain just loves to be.  But this is ridiculous.  Supposedly, right as we got through Fife [which already had one lan closed due to water over the freeway] the free way was closed.  Its just unbelievable. 

Now, its off to paint nails and get some rest, big day tomorrow!!


Only 9 days left...

I can't believe how quick this month at home has gone.  So much has gone on and I am sure going to miss it up here.

So today woke up at 5am and went to the gym then came home and got ready because mom and I were heading to my great grandma's nursing home to take her to the mall and get out of that place for a few hours.  Well, we finally got to the nursing home and go inside to get my grandma, she decided she didn't want to go.  She wanted to stay in her cute excercise class with the other elderly people.  So my mom and I just got back in the car and kinda chuckled, then I said to my mom, "Great Grandma just stood us up, we just got stood up by an 87 year old woman." Keeping conversation going between us two, we think about it, and wonder if we really are that pathetic.  Then we thought of other things to do, maybe my new aunt wanted to go to the mall with us.  We call her, no answer.  Then we thought, maybe we'll just go downtown Olympia and walk around and have lunch, maybe Evan will want to come to lunch with us.  We call, no answer.  By this point, we were already almost to downtown and faced the fact, we had no friends. [haha]  So we just ended up going to the restaurant called Chica's and had an amazing salad, then walked around found a store that sold Juicy Couture and Betsey Johnson items, I was a little thrilled.  I never would have thought Olympia would have those brands.  When we got home, dad was just getting home.  Mom prepared an amazing dinner, I'm really going to miss mom's cooking when I leave.  So that was pretty much my day in a nutshell.  Now, just watching Remember the Titans with my mom, having a hard time imagining how arrogant people can be, and how others could hate another just because of their skin color. 

Well, that's it for now, planning on going to watch a movie tonight....


i love technology

You know what always seems to make me smile?  Grandparents and their ways of "staying hip" and staying up in the technology world. 

Everytime my grandparents get new phone I always get the call for me to come over and enter everyones numbers into their new address books because they "just don't get it" I find it so cute and sweet, especially how appreciative they are for amazing skill and hardship it takes to do such a task. 

grandma to grandpa: "now do you know how to find the name and make the call now that kelsey has entered the numbers"
grandpa to grandma:"of course i do....well, i'll figure it out, it cant be too difficult"

haha. i just love them. 

My evening is now complete.



I am so freaking exhausted, these are the last final days before I head back to California that I should be wanting to get out and do things with friends and family since I wont see them until May, but I am exhausted.

I was woken up by my mom this morning [earlier than i really wanted to be woken up] asking if I would want to take my sister in law to the doctors, as hard as it was to get out of bed, i just thought about how she would do the same thing for me if it were reversed. so i went and picked her up and headed to the doctors, I really did mind waiting because i had my book tucker max to finish up.  Little did I know Id be sitting in the doctors office waiting room for 3 hours.  it really wasnt that bad though, as weird as it may be. i was completely content reading and people watching.  Thankfully she is feeling a little bit better.  and Hopefully back to 100% soon.

So that has been my day so far...hopefully i can get some energy tonight and hang out with some friends tonight....

First post :)

Alright, so Im new at this whole live journal thing, we'll see how it works out for a while.

all i really have to say, is im so tired of the snow! its driving me insane. as much as im not ready to head back to california, i'm missing being able to do whatever i want. 

today was a good day, however, got up. went to church. fed the homeless. went to skateland. went to red robin. came home. created this live journal.
church was good to day i really felt connected, i've missed that these last few months.  feeding the homeless was an overwhelming experience it really caught me off guard once everyone started showing up for te warm meal we had prepared for them.  it saddened me seeing young families with children not much older than that of my younger cousins.  it was an experience that im glad i had the opportunity to take part in. 

now. i just wait for the snow to melt, for the rain to stop, so i can get out and enjoy tumwater before i really do have to head back to california.